lunes, 29 de julio de 2013

The Choir Project al día [29-VII-2013]

William Byrd [1540-1623]: Motets and Mass Propers for Pentecost.
Stile Antico.
Celebrate new album.

  Celebrate the new album of Stile Antico.
The Phoenix Rising it's available now.
Stile Antico's latest disc celebrates the pioneering Tudor Church Music edition, which made available for the first time in the modern era much of the most important English Renaissance sacred music. Alongside Byrd's evergreen Mass for five voices, Stile Antico's varied programme includes masterpieces by Tallis, Taverner, White, Gibbons and Morley, all taken from the TCM volumes. This recording is supported by the Carnegie UK Trust, under whose aegis this remarkable edition appeared, in honour of its centenary in 2013.

  To celebrate the new album by one of the finest vocal ensembles in the world, I propose this selection -only Byrd- of their second recording, "Heavenly Harmonies", an incredible album dedicate to William Byrd and Thomas Tallis. For me this is one of the best albums dedicate to English polyphony.

  Celebrate polyphony, celebrate the singing, celebrate English choirs & ensembles and celebrate Stile Antico! 


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