viernes, 3 de agosto de 2012

The Choir Project al día [24-VII-2012]

Felice Anerio (c.1560-1614): Salve regina a 8.
The Cardinall's Musick - Andrew Carwood.
Roman polyphony.

    This piece, performed here with double chorus (SSAT/ATTB) is a fantastic example of the Roman school of composers.
Dense sonority and opulence in the number of performers required are two of its main features.

    In words of Andrew Carwood: "[...]Anerio’s setting of the Salve regina contrasts a high choir with a low one, something unusual in Roman double-choir music and more reminiscent of Venetian compositions of the period. The restrained setting matches well the imploring mood of the text while Anerio relies for expression on the sharpening of thirds and the juxtaposition of major and minor harmonies, something which underlines the poignancy of the words.[...]".

    Carwood and his singers performed this piece with a certain sobriety, but with the grandeur demanded by the Roman school.
A fantastic piece in an album that is highly recommended.

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